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Introducing "ABC’s of Ahlul Bayt," a charming and educational children's board book that introduces young readers to the English alphabet while also learning about traditions and beliefs of Shia Muslim.

Through colorful illustrations, children will learn about the letters of the alphabet as each one is associated with a topic or member of Ahlul Al Bayt, including Imam Ali, Lady Fatima, Imam Hasan, and Imam Husayn. The book also includes definitions and explanations of each character and their significance in Shia Muslim history and culture.

Whether read aloud by a caregiver or explored independently, "ABC’s of Ahlul Bayt" is an excellent tool for teaching young children about the English alphabet and introducing them to the important figures and traditions of Shia Muslim culture. It is sure to spark curiosity and inspire a love of learning in children of all backgrounds.

Suitable for ages 0+

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